We would like to welcome you to the Webpage of Top Truck Contact GmbH. We will inform you about our services and business at the following Pages.

Top Truck Contact GmbH – a worldwide established Export Company for Trucks, Heavy Machinery and Vehicle of all kind.

Top Truck Contact GmbH is one of the largest self-made Export Company that possibly is known in all Export Businesses all over the world.

TV and Radio Commercial is beeing online for several years now in more than 6 Countries in all parts of the world.

The company Top Truck Contact GmbH is under the same management since 1994 and focuses on the international export of vehicles, trucks and other heavy machinery and equipment of all kinds.

Through a worldwide and Europe-wide network of contacts enables us to help every request of our clients all vehicle categories to get.

Also, we were able through our long-standing contacts with shipping companies to negotiate special terms we can offer to our clients.

Our service team provides in addition to commercial specifications also a alround knowledge of the machinery and vehicles and are also can stand by side our clients with technical problems.

Our customers are in all regions of the world, such as in Iraq, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, South America, Africa and in Asia.
Particularly in Asia – we have many business relationships. This is a large part because that is where the reconstruction of the country and the construction of infrastructure does need that kind of vehicles. We do have constantly over 150 used vehicles such as construction machinery in stock that is determined by the reconstruction and the expansion of their ever-growing infrastructure in the above-mentioned countries of our business customers.

We also arrange transactions, transport and shipment for our clients if needed.